University Libraries

Library Electronic Usage Survey 2013-2014

This survey is being conducted during a two hour time period by the University of Utah to assess the usage of the Library's electronic services. Your response to this short survey is important. All responses are anonymous.

After completing the survey you will be connected to the resource you selected. Thank you for your help.


This includes:
  • Research funded by grants or contracts from federal, state, or local governments, foundations, or other outside parties
  • University funded research
  • Research training grants and fellowships and research career development awards

Note: This category includes only specially funded research projects, which are separately budgeted and accounted for as organized research projects by the University of Utah.

This includes:
  • All student coursework, including term papers
  • Preparation for classes
  • All teaching and training activities
  • Theses, dissertations, etc.
  • Independent faculty research (departmental research), writing, and other scholarly activities
  • Activities funded by University or an outside award made primarily for supporting graduate student teaching and training activities
  • Sponsored training (excluding sponsored training on research techniques, which is included in the Sponsored (Funded) Research definition
This includes:
  • Activities related to treating patients
  • Activities related to hospital duties
  • Activities related to residents, interns, etc.
This includes:
  • Community action and service programs
  • Sponsored public service projects
This includes:
  • Innovation
  • Recreational usages (not for class)
  • Administrative work, including grant preparation
  • Other purposes not identified in other categories